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Podcast Episode # 47: Monte Sparkman and an Evolving Philosophy of Youth Athletic Development

In this episode, I visit with Coach Monte Sparkman, M.Ed, CSCS, USAW, USATF. Coach Sparkman is the Director of Athletic Performance at Richland High School in North Richland Hills, Texas. We talk about his personal philosophy of training for competitive power lifting (he has a 1000 lb squat!), his coaching philosophy of training youth athletes, and where the two overlap. He is passionate about developing all aspects (physical, emotional, mental, etc.) of the kids and coaches he works with, and is not content with the status quo. Due to this, he is an excellent example of how to continue improving, and a great source of experience and information about how to get kids stronger, faster, and more athletic.

In 2018, Coach Sparkman was named the National High School Strength Coaches Association (NHSSCA) Southwest Region’s Coach of the Year, and has served as the Texas State Director for the NHSSCA.

In addition to coaching, educating, and training his own high school athletes, Coach Sparkman is very active within the Strength and Conditioning and High School Coaching communities to advance the sport performance industry and share experience and best practices.

Follow Coach Monte Sparkman:

Instagram: @montesparkman

Twitter: @MonteSparkman

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