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Podcast Episode #56: Dr. Sam Buckner on Selye's GAS & Periodization. Is the "House" Built on Sand?

In this episode, I talk with Sam Buckner, PhD., about his recently published study: The Basics of Training for Muscle Size and Strength: A Brief Review on the Theory. The study looks into the validity of Hans Selye's General Adaptation Syndrome as the underlying framework of exercise adaptation, which is also the theoretical basis for periodization. He also goes into detail about claims we can actually draw from published research on periodization. Spoiler alert...there is no research on periodization...just research on programming that is extrapolated and assumed to be true for periodization.

Dr. Buckner is the Director of the Muscle Laboratory at the University of Southern Florida, where he is also an assistant professor of exercise science. His research interests deal primarily with the influence that exercise induced increases in muscle size have on exercise induced increases in muscle strength.

Follow Sam:

Instagram: @samuelbuckner

Twitter: @samuelbuckner1

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