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Podcast Episode #32: Joel Smith and Paradigm Shifts in Coaching and Athletic Performance Training

In this episode, I catch up with an old team-mate and class-mate from college, Joel Smith. Joel is an NCAA Division I Strength Coach working in the PAC12 conference. A track coach of 11 years, Joel is also a coach for the Diablo Valley Track and Field Club, and also has 6 years of experience coaching sprints, jumps, hurdles, pole vault and multi-events on the collegiate level. Joel has coached 2 national champions, multiple All-Americans and school record holders in his time as a track coach. In the realm of strength and conditioning, his programs have assisted 5 athletes to Olympic berths that produced 9 medals and a world record performance at Rio in 2016.

Follow Joel on Instagram and Twitter: @justflysports

His articles, books, and awesome podcast can be found at:

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