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Podcast Episode #23: Elia Barbon & Internships/Experience to Break Into the Sport Nutrition Industry

In this episode, I talk with my new friend, Elia Oliviero Barbon. Elia is a young, but very hard working and ambitious professional in the Exercise Physiology and Sport Nutrition industry. He is an NSCA and Bayesian certified Personal Trainer, and content creator for Iraki Nutrition (, @stepunovenezia, and Body Comp Academy ( We discuss his internship with Iraki Nutrition, going back to finish his university degree at Università di Ferrara, and how seeking out answers to questions and looking for opportunities with those who are blazing a trail in this industry is the best and most effective way to become more competent and deliver the most value to those you work with. The bottom line, Elia didn't wait for a good job or education to land in his lap. He sought these things out and is constantly looking to gain more knowledge and experience so he can give back to his clients, content consumers, and anyone looking to improve their physiology.

Follow Elia on Instagram: @eliaolivierobarbon

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