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identify and optimize your hidden factors



If you aren’t assessing, you’re guessing. Good athletes become great athletes by finding and fixing their weaknesses.  What movement weaknesses are holding you back?


Life, movement, and sport has a way of causing our bodies to compensate over time.  Are you leveraging the muscles that function to stabilize so that you can maximize the muscles that mobilize?


Are you excessively short and tight in specific areas that in-turn causes you to be lengthened and too loose in other areas?



     My name is Kevin Kuhn.  I am a human physiology and athletic performance nerd. It is my goal to use my education and experience in Kinesiology, Biochemistry, & Sport Nutrition to OPTIMIZE your adaptations to training.    


     There are athletic factors, like corrective exercise and personalized recovery nutrition, that will get you to the next level. There are other factors, like dysfunctional movement patterns and inadequate energy balance (Calories and Macronutrients) that  prevent you from reaching your full potential.  My purpose is to help you IDENTIFY these factors.  

     I won't give you a cookie-cutter workout or meal plan.  I assess your strengths and weaknesses, evaluate your motor control, and examine your dietary habits, to IDENTIFY the factors that are holding you back so that, together, we can OPTIMIZE the way you move, perform, look, and feel.  

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If you aren’t assessing, you’re guessing.

    How many Calories YOU need on a daily basis?   

    How much protein is optimal for repair and recovery?

    How much fat do you need for optimal hormonal function?

    How much carbohydrate do you need to fuel training intensity and duration?


The way you ate in the past, and the way you eat now has direct effects on how your body will adapt and change in the future.  The nutrition assessment gives you a map and a starting point so you can effectively progress towards your athletic and aesthetic goals.     


The foundation of every successful diet is an understanding of how Calories and Macronutrients (Protein, Fat, and Carbs) function.  You are unique, and therefore need a unique and customized approach that takes into consideration your dietary needs, preferences, schedule, training, and lifestyle.  Calorie and Macro Coaching is a way to teach you how to take control of the most important aspects of your diet while providing just enough accountability to ensure you are on a consistent path towards your goals.    


All movements, but specifically athletic movements, are skills.  Skills must be trained in order to reach full athletic potential.  Another way to think about movement patterns, or skills, is like software.  Movement Coaching is a way to “install, repair, and update” your current software so that you move efficiently, effectively, and correctly.  Just going through the motions will not get you to the next level.  It takes deliberate and conscious work in your weak or untrained areas in order to reach your training goals.  Are you updating your software to optimize your efforts?   

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Kevin Kuhn, M.S.Ed., CSCS, MFS




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